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Office: 651-462-4645

Cell: 651-248-4687

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One of our goals is for our clients to participate in and enjoy their meetings, while behind the scenes we ensure a seamless execution of details.  You are invited to contact us to learn about our tried and true planning methods.

Linda Hurtley
Office: 651.462.4645
Cell:  651.248.4687

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More Kudos for Linwood Group Meetings
  • "I heard positive feedback on several aspects of the conference.  The ones that stood out the most were: ease of check-in, personalized agenda on the back of the name badge, and the floor map on the back of the agenda.  We are already looking forward to next year!"
  • "I am so blessed to have you on my team!"
  •  "We make a great team!"
  •  "Thanks for all your insights and expertise."
  •  "You were always on top of your game!"
  •  "Thanks for working your toes off!"
  •  "Another great example of you being great at what you do!"
  •  "We appreciate you."
  • "Thank you will never be enough."
  • "Thanks so much for your outstanding work and for making our conference another smashing success!"
  • "You are fantastic!"
  • "Working with you made my job SO MUCH EASIER!"
  • "The website looks FABULOUS!!  It is everything I dreamed of and more.  You should be very proud of your hard work."
  • "When I heard you were available, I was thrilled.  I love working with your qualified-self!"
  • "We have had long and cold days, and no one has worked harder than your team.  Your professionalism and enthusiasm have been noticed by the guests, and for that, we thank you!"
  • "Thanks for knowing what we don't know!  You saved our conference and our budget!"
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